Aneeta Malcolm, Drummer extraordinaire and Vocalist with Carl Malcolm & Positive Vibration Reggae Band, has been playing from the early age of five years old. She has grown into one of the most versatile Drummers in the D.M.V. Aneeta played with an all Girls Reggae group called Infinite Girls. In 1987, she joined Positive Vibration Band and has received music Awards from various music organizations including Washington DC Reggae Music Awards. As a Vocalist, Aneeta has recorded songs such as Key To Your Heart, on the West Indian Record Mart label, African People with DJ Nature Boy Murphey, a remix of Carl Malcolm’s Miss Wire Waist rhythm called Grass Is Greener. She also recorded a song for the Corner Stone Records in NY called Its Not Over that did well in England. She Drums with Reggae Bands like Strykers Posse, Lenny Kurlou Reggae Allstars, Black Sheep, Monsoon and Storm Reggae Band and Ras Lidz and Deep Go Go Band.